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Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Written by Nicola Reid

Bookham resident invites you to a Summer Fundraising Extravaganza

Bookham resident invites you to a Summer Fundraising Extravaganza

To support The Treasure Orphanage and School in Nigeria , a Summer fundraising ‘Extravaganza’ party is being held at the home of Bookham resident Caroline Penney on Saturday 1st July, at 4 Dowlands Road, Great Bookham. Tickets cost £20.00 for food, music and dancing. All proceeds go directly to the school in Owode. Email: caroline_penney1@yahoo.com

5pm - Garden Party

7pm - Dinner

8pm - The Natalie Goodacre Trio

The Treasure Orphanage and School project first came into being as an idea in 2003 when a student came to her tutors and asked for support with orphan children back in her home in the Republic of Benin, a small poverty stricken country in West Africa, bordering on Nigeria. Tola Rufai was brought up in a rural Yoruba area in Benin. Tola was at the time living in Mitcham, where she self-educated herself attending further education college.

The tutors decided to help, and supported Tola set up the ‘project’, raising funds to employ a part time teacher, so the children received some basic primary education, along with some basic healthcare. By 2011 the project had moved to Nigeria.  Starting with two temporary classrooms, over the years the school now has simple permanent buildings, with proper latrines and handwashing facilities added.  The school now boasts 150 children in primary classes and 19 in the secondary classes.

There is still no electricity in the school. There is a well, with a pump operated with a generator. Provision of electricity is a priority, and would benefit the whole community,. On our visit this summer we shall be providing teacher training workshops, and governance and business planning training, as well as assessing needs and risks. For the children we shall be providing opportunity for emotional support and finding out about their aspirations.

Another issue for girls education is coping during their menstrual cycle, when most girls miss several days of school, having no effective sanitary protection, which we take for granted. We have been sourcing a lightweight, water proof, breathable fabric (PUL) for making washable, reusable sanitary protection for girls and women. We shall be taking this to Owode with us so we can run a workshop showing the ‘seamstresses’ how to construct effective washable protection, so girls are not excluded and missing education several days each month.  Along with donations of books, skipping ropes for the school, we also want to bring some practical maths resources to help children learn.

If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile project contact Caroline on the email address above for information about the event and other fundraising.

Watch this vieo for more information about the project






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