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Thursday, 23 November 2017
Written by Nicola Reid

A new image for local Historians

A new image for local Historians

Leatherhead district's local historians are ringing in the changes with the launch of a brand new website to meet the challenges of 21st century communications and an invitation to local businesses to benefit from their premises' heritage.

After nearly 20 years with an Internet presence, the Leatherhead & District Local History Society has used local technology experts Tec Res of North Street to create a brighter and simpler website, designed to serve both the local history researchers of the future and its many longstanding supporters.

At the same time, the Society has announced a new corporate membership scheme which offers sponsorship opportunities for local firms in exchange for help in learning about past achievements in their localities and how their customers have become the market theyknow today.

Spokesman Tony Matthews said: "The Society itself was originally created back on 16 October 1946 when historians used either fountain pens or old fashioned typewriters to report their findings and announce their talks on subjects of local interest. No-one imagined such a thing as the Internet. Today's new members expect just to click once or twice and learn instantly what is going on now, what happened in the past and what is coming up."

The new site's Home page compares what Leatherhead, Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham look like today with the same locations up to 100 years or more ago. This is just a taste of what is available once you start delving into the Society's huge archive of material dating back centuries. The area covered also encompasses both Mickleham and Headley.
The Local History Society owns and runs Leatherhead Museum at Hampton Cottage in Church Street and as well as the Home page's up-to-the-minute blog with the latest news, both the Society and the Museum have their own separate news blogs to cover monthly talks and events on the one hand and special exhibitions, craft days for schools etc on the other.
A couple of clicks take you to an archive containing seven decades of publications and sound recordings of local people past and present recalling the area's changes from a largely rural community to today's bustling town and growing residential villages.

The traditional printed Newsletter and other publications will continue alongside the new website. Corporate and other members get advance deliveries among other benefits or can simply request digital versions every quarter. But for the latest news, just go to www.leatherheadhistory.org and enjoy yourself. Email addresses on the Contacts page for more information or go to newsletter@leatherheadhistory.org

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